SMITH Electric Stand-on Stacker S-Ride 3.6m 360cm 1500 kg

7SMITH Electric stacker with padel 1500kg 260cm price

SMITH Electric Stand-on Stacker S-Ride 3.6m 360cm 1500 kg

Opprinnelig pris var: 4,200€.Nåværende pris er: 3,399€.

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Opprinnelig pris var: 4,200€.Nåværende pris er: 3,399€.

  • Electric Stand-on pallet stacker + 2 batteries (2*12V/120AH) + charger (24V/10A, Europen standard)
  • Load capacity: 1500 kg 
  • Lifting height: 360 cm or 3600 mm
  • Easy to use and simple to be adjusted
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Load capacity on max. height: 700 kg
  • Load center distance: 600 mm
  • Fork size: 570*1150mm – for EURO pallet
  • Single fork width: 180 mm
  • 12 months warranty
  • Turning radius: 1460 mm
  • Controller: 24V/220A
  • Charger: 24V/30A
  • Working time of fully charged batteries: 5-6 h
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SMITH Electric Stand-on Stacker S-Ride 3.6m 360cm 1500 kg

7SMITH Electric stacker with stand 1500kg 260cmSMITH Electric Stand-on Stacker S-Ride 360cm 1500 kg runs fully on electric and hydraulic power for more agile and cost-effective but highly performing loading and transportation of goods. SMITH Electric Stand-on Stacker S-Ride provides significant support in stacking goods or cargo pallets of up to 2 tons, thanks to smooth movement, high capacity battery (5-6 h working time of when charged), and advanced operating system. It works well in different environments and adjusts to the specifics of cargo and vehicle operators. With the battery as the power source, this agile but powerful forklift stacker leverages electric and strong hydraulic power to control driving, lifting, lowering, steering, and other functions. It’s ideal for stacking goods on pallets or loading/unloading cargo and short-distance transport.

The forklift’s software system supports driving and loading functions with US-made CURTIS1232E and CURTIS1230E controllers. It includes a battery indicator, a working time display, and data on voltage protection for safer and operator-friendly use. The electric stand-on stacker S-Ride 360cm weighs 730 kg, therefore is very robust and stable and can lift various objects and pallets. When max lowered it measure 2327 mm in height.  The electric stacker has two motors. One is for lifting and one is for driving. The lifting motor has the power of 24V/2,2KW, and the driving motor has the power of 24V/0.75KW. This electric stand-on stacker comes with 2 batteries and a charger. Batteries are very powerful with a capacity 2×12V/120Ah which allows you to use an electric stacker for several hours without recharging. Recharging is very fast, therefore, you will not waste time waiting. The maneuverability and ease of operation with this electric stacker will allow you to use it for lifting pallets or objects from the ground and putting them on the shelf or in the truck or for unloading the truck. The electric stacker SMITH S-Ride is also designed in a way that can be easily operated and doesn’t use a lot of space. It has a 1 year warranty and service is available in the European Union.

Features of SMITH Electric Stand-on Stacker S-Ride 36o cm 1500 kg

  • Advanced operating system
  • Different ways to break to adjust to environment and vehicle load conditions
  • Telescopic oil cylinder with safety relief valve
  • The hydraulic control rod for controlled distribution of hydraulic power
  • Adjustable steering wheel angle
  • Emergency shutdown system
  • Speakers (front, rear) and proximity sound alerts
  • Quality assured and verified original spare parts
  • Easy operating and high-capacity loading
  • Steering motor with operating handle and buttons
  • 4 ways braking system
  • Easy maintenance and loading
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic power


Specifications of SMITH Electric Stand-on Stacker S-Ride 3.6m 1500 kg

Model SMITH Electric Stand-on Stacker S-Ride 3.6m 360cm 1500 kg
Power unit electric
Operation pedestrian
Rated traction weight Q 1500 kg
Load center c 600 mm
Axle center to fork face x 695 mm
Wheelbase y 1148 mm
Service weight with battery 730 kg
Wheels type polyurethane
Driving wheel size Φ Φ210×70 Φ×w(mm)
Bearing wheel size Φ Φ80×70 Φ×w(mm)
Additional wheels (dimensions) Φ115×55 Φ×w(mm)
Wheels, number front/rear (x = driven) 1,4/2
Track width 646 b10 (mm)
Track width 390/515 b11 (mm)
Height of mast, lowered 2327 mm
Free lift 0 mm
Lift 3600 mm
Height of mast, extended 4087 h4 (mm)
Overall height(With handle 1040/1415 h14 (mm)
Lowered height 86 h13 (mm)
Overall length 1890 l1 (mm)
Length to fork face 740 l2 (mm)
Overall width 808
Fork dimensions 60/180/1150 mm
Width of forks 570 b5 (mm)
Min. Ground clearance 26 m2 (mm)
Aisle width with pallet 1000 x 1200 across forks 2110 Ast (mm)
Aisle width with pallet 800 x 1200 along forks 2160 Ast (mm)
Min. Turning radius 1455 Wa (mm)
Travel speed,laden/unladen 4.2/4.5 km/h
Lifting speed, with/without load 90/130 mm/s
Lowering speed, with/without load 105/100 mm/s
Maximum climbing ability, with/without load 3/6 mm/s
Service brake electromagnetic
Drive motor, 60 minute rating 0.75 kW
Lift motor rating at S3 15% 2.2 kW
Battery voltage/rated capacity 2×12/120 V/Ah
Battery weight (± 5%) 2×35 kg
Type of drive control DC
Noise level at operator‘s ear ≤70 dB(A)


Platform Pallet Stacker SMITH lifting curve

7SMITH Electric Stand-on Stacker S-Ride 260cm 360cm 1500 kg


Advantages of SMITH Electric Stand-on Stacker S-Ride 36o cm 1500 kg

7SMITH Electric stacker with stand 1500kg 260cmOperating system

  • Advanced operating system
  • Move the accelerator button in a forward or backward direction, and move the move button to control the speed.
  • Several ways to break to adjust to road conditions and vehicle load conditions, and to ensure safety for the operator.
  • Ideal for staking goods on pallet or cargo loading and unloading, stacking, and short-distance transport operations.
  • The stacking process is implemented by the control operations of a telescopic oil cylinder, equipped with a safety relief valve to control the speed and increase security.

Software & electrical system

  • The stacking car electrical system supports walking and loading function with US-made CURTIS1232E and CURTIS1230E systems.
  • It includes a battery indicator, a working time display, and info about voltage protection.
  • Lifting action should be performed in intervals to sustain the continued good performance of the motor.

Hydraulic principle

  • The hydraulic power of the forklift is provided by the oil gear pump and controlled by the handle.

The steering wheel angle adjustment

  • Steering wheel angle can be adjusted to individual operating habits.

The operation of the hydraulic control rod

  • Hydraulic control rod allows for controlled distribution of hydraulic power. The pallet forklift lever makes the forks ascend, hold or descend. The tilt lever makes it move back, stay in the site or move forward.
  • For higher safety of hydraulic system pressure, the hydraulic valve block is equipped with a pressure relief device.

The use of an emergency power safety switch

  • To prevent accidents or uncontrolled operation of the forklift, the emergency switch allows for prompt shut-off. Use it when the vehicle is moving without control, when there is smoke and/or unpleasant/suspicious burnt scent during use. This allows you to safely inspect the vehicle to determine the reason and fix it before you continue using it.

The use of speakers and reversing speakers

  • For increased safety of driving and use, the vehicle is equipped with speakers, front and rear, as well as horns, to alert pedestrians or other individuals that move around the vehicle.

Battery capacity indicator

  • The dashboard also displays the forklift battery capacity and can be used for electricity time statistics.

Safe operating and environment protection

  • All original spare parts have been verified by the quality assurance department.