ROBI-600B Robot Stretch Wrapper PRESTRETCH

ROB-600B Robot Stretch Wrapper PRESTRETCH

ROBI-600B Robot Stretch Wrapper PRESTRETCH


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  • Revolving around objects, ideal for every shape, dimension, and weight
  • Compact design performs well in small spaces
  • Fully charged can wrap 200 pallets
  • Powered by a robust and durable battery lasting up to 800 charges
  • Optimal battery autonomy with battery charger and indicator
  • Easily movable from one load to another
  • Suitable for all kinds of conditions and work environments
  • Height detecting sensor improves height control
  • Chain-driven film carriage optimizes wrapping film tension
  • Operation through PLC control and LCD text for reliable performance
  • Pre-set mode and parameters as needed
  • Stable wrapping process with soft start and soft positioning
  • High efficiency and energy saving
  • Easy maintenance
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ROBI-600A/B Robot Stretch Wrapper PRESTRETCH

Easily movable and adjustable robot stretch wrapper for all kinds of loads in any environment and industry

The highly adaptable, self-propelled robot stretch wrapper ROBI-600A/B is ideal for wrapping all pallet loads and objects of any size and shape. It’s designed based on a revolutionary idea to have the wrapping machine move and revolve around the load. Contrary to stationary wrapping machines, this method reduces the time and hassle of placing a load on and off the machine. It also makes wrapping possible for objects that would otherwise not fit standard wrapping machines, as it revolves perfectly around loads of every shape, size, and weight.

The wrapper’s compact design allows for optimal performance even in tight spaces, while its high maneuverability provides solid control over the wrapping process. It’s an ideal wrapping companion in most working environments and industries and performs well in ambient air temperature between -10°C and 40°C for optimum wrapping tension and strength.

ROBI-600A/B robot stretch wrapper allows for great flexibility and optimization of working progress thanks to auto and manual operating modes. Easy and secure film threading saves time and ensures optimal tension of wrapping film. Based on the parameters of the operation and load, the robot wrapper provides high adjustability and customization for the best wrapping results.

ROBI-600A/B wrapper is powered by a robust and durable battery lasting up to 800 charges. Its control panel allows for easy control of the operation with start and stop buttons, reset and emergency stop buttons, and battery level indicator lights. When the battery is charged for 8 hours it can wrap 200 pallets.


Features of ROBI 600A/B Robot Stretch Wrapper PRESTRETCH

  • Power pre-stretch: 300% and 230% two-step change by handle
  • Fully charged can wrap 200 Pallets
  • High control of wrapping procedure
  • Digital display of parameters
  • High mobility and adjustability
  • Durable battery


Easy handling and fast wrapping with ROBI 600A/B Robot Stretch Wrapper PRESTRETCH

ROBI 600A/B is designed to simplify the packing process while ensuring the best results for every case. Its handling and navigation are equally straightforward.

First, move the robot stretch wrapper to the object area. Next, pull the film from the wrapper and place it on the object. Lastly, set the number of wraps on the control panel and start the machine. The wrapper will revolve around the object and wrap it automatically according to the presets.


ROBI 600A/B Robot Stretch Wrapper PRESTRETCH


Power sourceBattery
Battery configurationCharge power1P AC220V/110V 50/60Hz
Weight43 + 1kg
Size(L x W x H) 407 x 174 x 216 (209) mm
LifetimeUp to 800 charges
Wrapping speed90m/min
Max. pallet sizeNo limit
Min. pallet size600x600mm
Max. wrapping height2400mm
Film stretch (%)ROBI-600A Mechanical stretch
ROBI-600B Power pre-stretch: 300% and 230% two-step change by handle
Film materialLLDPE film, width ≦ 500mm, outer diameter ≦ 280mm
Film tensionAdjustable
Max. film spec.∅250x500mm
Elevator unit speedAdjustable
Gross weight/Net weight450kg/430kg
Machine configurationPLCGerman “Siemens”
LCD textChinese “MEIWA”
Travel switchFrench “Schneider”
Button switchFrench “TE”
ConnectorFrench “TE”
SensorGerman “P+F”
MotorChinese “MEIWA”
Machine size(L x W x H) 1583 x 1233 x 2770mm
Noise≦ 75dB
EnvironmentHumidity ≦ 98%Temperature from -10 to 40°C
Packing size(L x W x H) 1950 x 1250 x 3000mm


Core features of ROBI-600A/B Battery-Powered Robot Stretch Wrapper

  • Different operation modes allow for easy adjustment to all kinds of tasks in different environments while ensuring the best results.
  • Reliable and easy control via a control panel increases efficiency and ensures optimal performance for every task.
  • Digital display provides a clear overview and management of chosen parameters to adapt to the load’s dimensions, weight, and shape.
  • Chain-driven film carriage improves stability and ensures optimal tension of wrapping film.


Video of ROBI-600A/B Battery-Powered Robot Stretch Wrapper