Plastic PP polypropylene strap – 12mm or 15,5mm

Plastic PP strap 12 and 16mm for packing pallets

Plastic PP polypropylene strap – 12mm or 15,5mm


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Minimum order quantity of PP strap: 2 units. Prices are lower based on quantity. The core of 406 mm in diameter.
Price does not include VAT and shipping costs.

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Packing with plastic PP strap

We are selling three different widths of PP straps. The core of 406 mm in diameter.

Minimum order quantity of PP strap: 2 units. Prices are lower based on quantity. Price does not include VAT and shipping costs

Packaging with plastic PP straps is popular in craft and industrial plants. It enables quick and efficient packaging and is cost-effective. PP tapes are used when high tensile strength is not required. Plastic PP strap 12 and 16mm for packing pallets price cheapYou can use tapes in combination with (semi) automatic strapping machines, a manual mechanical strapping tool (metal clips are needed), or a battery strapping tool (the strap is combined with hot seal and vibration). In addition to tape and staplers, it is recommended to use a strap dispenser cart as they speed up the packaging process and protect the tape from the environment. The advantage of battery strapping tools compared to the hand-held mechanical strapping tool is that they do not need clips because the strap is connected by heat (hot seal), which in the long run allows savings in packaging and connection. The straps can also be used in combination with plastic clips. The straps can be supplied in different sizes and on different cores (63mm, 150mm, 200mm, 280mm, 406mm).

PP strap – Connecting straps

Plastic PP strap 12 and 16mm for packing pallets low price high qualityPP or polypropylene tape comprises a clean, environmentally friendly and lightweight polypropylene layer. This tape is a good choice when packing and connecting, made for ease of use, enabling you to pack products that are usually easier to work and increase productivity in sectors, without major problems. PP tapes are available in the width of 5mm-19 mm and the thickness of the strips varies between 0.5 mm-1 mm. Due to its low cost and easy use, PP strap is the perfect solution for packaging in a wide variety of industries and craft industries. If necessary, the product is almost never broken, which gives it reliability. Customers can make a logo (can contain three colors) of the logo of their brand on the tape, and so they can also take care of their promotion. The polypropylene tape can be recycled in the case of waste generation, but it can easily be removed. PP tape is available in the width of 5-19 mm and 0,5 – 1 mm thick. The tape can withstand 70 – 500 kg. With the same width and thickness of the strap, the PP strap achieves half the power of the PET  strap. But by contrast, the elongation of PP strap is up to 20% higher. When PP straps are used with automatic machines, the diameter of the core is usually 200 or 406 mm. When using a hand-held or battery-powered tools, a core of 406 mm diameter is considered standard. In addition to various core diameters and diameters, PP strap also differs in their surfaces, which can either be embossed or smooth. PP strap is easy to install on semi-automatic machines. When working with hand tools, the relief surface of the strap increases the flexibility and resistance to tearing. Also, the cost is lower, since the strap is priced by the relief surface, so it is necessary to produce a tape of the same power, with less material required PP strap can be made in different colors and on it also company logo or slogan can be printed.

Advantages of PP strap:

PP straps can be used for packaging various products and boxes. These have the following benefits:

  • they are lightweight
  • they have a high tensile strength
  • are chemically resistant
  • they are easy to use
  • do not rust
  • safety and aesthetic appearance of the goods
  • suitable for all types of machines (for automatic, semi-automatic, and hand-held machines)
  • resistant to temperature differences (from minus ten to fifty degrees Celsius)
  • at a low price and we can print on them

Comparison of PET strip with PP tape

  • PET strap has more power than a PP strap (despite the same dimension)
  • despite the high tension, the PET band will not be broken
  • PET strap can be stretched up to fifty percent more than polypropylene (despite the same dimensions)
  • PET strips are more resistant to temperature differences


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